Busy Boss Mom Life: Tackling Work, Family and Fun

Being a full time, working mom with a couple of side hustles and hobbies is quite the challenge, so how do I do it? I live at Starbucks. Ha, just kidding, but coffee certainly helps. Coffee in the morning, coffee mid-day and sometimes even a grande non-fat, no-foam chai tea latte at night. I might be just a tad bit over doing it huh? Alright, maybe I’ll cut back…soon. Really though, the true trick to this trade is to truly enjoy what it is that you do, while taking the time to appreciate the smallest and simplest moments. That’s what keeps me motivated and energized to get through each day with a smile on my face, even when my toddler is sick and I’ve only slept an accumulative 12 hours over 3 days.

Boss Mom Wife

My schedule is overly booked every single day of the week, always, and that’s a rather significant understatement, but I am totally okay with that. I have many, many blessings and I count them every single day, taking nothing for granted. I thought about detailing a typical day on here, but quickly changed my mind. In a nutshell, I work two jobs simultaneously (boss mode) and also time running events on the weekends for my parents’s business. I have two kids (one being one), work an opposing schedule from my husband, have my very own 5k/10k running event, this new blog, am starting a side project and that’s all on top of regular home life. Learning to juggle it all as been a challenge at times, but I’ve got it down to a T these days and don’t worry because nothing and no one gets skimped on. I guess I am just one of those people that they say just loves to be busy all the time. I’m a DIY, go for it, kind of girl and I love that I can imagine something in my head and figure out how to make it or make it happen. I’m hoping that by doing what and all that I do & how I do it, that I am setting good examples for my girls to want to emulate as they grow and become their own versions of themselves. I hope it’s a motivating factor that encourages them to not wait on someone else to get the ball rolling or open the door, that they can do it themselves if they just go for it and make it happen.

Just Do It!

When I was small, growing up, everyone always told me that I was bossy and that kind of stuck with me. Ok, not kind of. It’s been with me forever and I don’t look at it negatively, like I used to do. I think having that trait is what has helped me to become the person that I have, with such drive and the will to want to learn how to do all of these things that I love and make them happen. Some people would rather sit back and see what this person is doing, what that person did, but I just don’t have that kind of time and I also don’t want to be the person that doesn’t try. Be the one to take initiative and get things going. I apply this to everything, even my email messages; I strive to get those looming tasks filed away as quickly and efficiently as I possibly can and the same goes for at home. I have this internal to do list embedded in my mind and one by one I check those babies off. One diaper, one house project, one school assignment, etc. I never understood the point in sitting on something and letting it loom over your head like a dark, heavy rain cloud? Get that ish out of here! Things pile up when you say “oh, I’ll just do it later”, but then you don’t and at some point you become overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. That’s definitely not the example I am trying to set. My oldest daughter gets enough examples of “let’s be lazy” behavior from the shows she watches on tv (insert eye roll here).

Family Matters

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes life can be exhausting and stressful and the glass shattering screams radiating from my toddler makes it seem like I’m about to lose my shit, but deep down I know that it’s not the end of the world and that everything is fine. She wants to be held, to feel loved with cuddles and who wouldn’t want to stop everything for a moment or two for that? It stops the cries too haha! I know very well that one day I won’t be able to swoop her up and hold her in front of me and kiss her chubby cheeks repeatedly until she pushes me away and that one day her hands won’t be so tiny, holding up her little t-shirt to show me her ever so amazing belly button. My first born baby, Lola, is now 9 going on 19 and she spends most of her time rolling her eyes at my dinner table lectures or locked away in her room because in her young mind she’s sooo much cooler than I am and as sad as it is to realize how grown up she is already, I take comfort in knowing that even though I am a very busy mom, I always make certain to manage my time in a way that ensures that I am and always have been present in their lives. My husband and I are big on spending time with our kids. Talking to and with them, having dinner as a family, taking vacations together to show them the joys of life and doing homework together. Family is the most important aspect of all, so everything that I do is to ensure that I am the best representation of a woman possible and hopefully that will inspire & motivate them to make goals and go for them. I have a feeling they will be amazing little ladies one day.


Things don’t get done by themselves, someone needs to drive the bus and I thrive on knowing that what needs to be done, is done because I did it and even though it can be a challenge, I enjoy every second of it. I love what I do and who I do it with. If I didn’t have these people present and do these things that make me happy in my life, I don’t know if life would be worth living. I wake up every morning knowing that I am appreciated for all of my efforts on and off the job and that I am so very loved and that’s unbelievably fulfilling. Money isn’t the driving factor in my happiness and I think that’s what makes this all so easy. I am happy and content just here, living my best life with the best people. Things mean so much more when you focus on what truly makes you happy.

Cheers to tackling mom, wife & work life with a smile plastered across your face.


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